In 1956 Elmer Jacobson, a supervisor at Greenlee Brothers and Company, wanted to start his own business. His goal was to produce a high quality screw machine product with attention to detail. His customers' satisfaction and the quality of the parts he produced were his motivation. Today we try to maintain that same standard some fifty years later.

Ron Jacobson President, Micro Screw Machine Company, Inc.


Micro Screw Machine Company is a multi-spindle screw machine job shop located in Rockford, IL.

Micro Screw has the capacity to handle large orders and still maintain the attention to detail that is needed in the machining operation.


We are a multi-spindle screw machine job shop, founded in 1956. We specialize in small to medium sized quantities, machining a variety of materials including stainless steel. We produce your parts with care and attention to detail.

We strive to manufacture high quality screw machine products at a competitive price, and we do this while being responsive to our customers' needs.